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Reclining Actuator

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KEY FEATURES: The T-SPA Reclining Actuator is a powerhouse in relaxation technology, designed to effortlessly control the reclining and inclining movements of your salon chair’s massage system.


1. PRECISE POWER MOVEMENT Experience the epitome of relaxation with the precise power movement of the T-SPA Reclining Actuator. Effortlessly control the recline and incline functions of your salon chair’s massage system, providing a customized and comfortable experience for your clients.

2. ENHANCED MASSAGE SYSTEM FUNCTIONALITY Seamlessly integrate the Reclining Actuator into your salon chair’s massage system for enhanced functionality. Elevate the massage experience by offering clients the option to recline or incline at the touch of a button, enhancing overall comfort.

3. EFFICIENT AND SMOOTH OPERATION Enjoy efficient and smooth operation with the T-SPA Reclining Actuator. Its advanced technology ensures that reclining and inclining movements are executed seamlessly, contributing to a serene and enjoyable salon experience.

4. CUSTOMIZED COMFORT FOR CLIENTS: The Reclining Actuator allows you to tailor the salon experience to your client’s preferences. Whether they seek a reclined position for relaxation or an upright posture for specific treatments, this device offers unparalleled customization.

⇒ Transform your salon into a haven of relaxation with the T-SPA Reclining Actuator. Elevate your massage system’s capabilities and provide clients with the luxury of customized comfort during their salon visits.


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