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Drain Stopper

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The T-SPA Stopper is a multifunctional tool designed to simplify liner cutting and efficiently control water drainage in your salon. With a user-friendly design, this stopper provides a seamless solution for managing the water flow during various salon services.


1. LINER CUTTING MADE EASY The Stopper is equipped to handle liner cutting with ease. Streamline your salon processes by effortlessly cutting liners when needed, ensuring a smooth workflow for your staff.

2. EFFICIENT DRAIN CONTROL Take control of water drainage with the T-SPA Stopper. This versatile tool allows salon professionals to regulate water flow, providing a convenient solution to prevent unwanted draining during specific services.

3. USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN The Stopper’s design prioritizes user convenience. Salon staff can easily utilize this tool for liner cutting and drain control, contributing to a more efficient and organized work environment.

⇒ Experience the convenience and versatility of the T-SPA Stopper in your salon. Streamline your processes, enhance your staff’s efficiency, and ensure a well-organized work environment with this valuable tool designed for liner cutting and water drainage control.

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