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Rubber Connector 1-2 1-2

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The T-SPA Rubber Connector is a flexible and durable solution designed to seamlessly connect PVC and flexible tubes in your salon setup. Crafted with premium materials, this connector ensures reliability and ease of use, complete with included worm drive clamps for added convenience.


1. FLEXIBLE RUBBER DESIGN Experience versatility with the T-SPA Rubber Connector’s flexible rubber design. This connector effortlessly accommodates PVC and flexible tubes, adapting to the unique needs of your salon’s plumbing system.

2. HIGHLY DURABLE CONSTRUCTION Built for longevity, the Rubber Connector boasts a highly durable construction. Its robust materials ensure resilience against wear and tear, providing a reliable and lasting solution for your salon’s plumbing connections.

3. EASY TO USE Simplify your plumbing setup with the T-SPA Rubber Connector’s user-friendly design. The flexibility and ease of use make installation and maintenance hassle-free, allowing salon staff to manage connections with efficiency.

4. INCLUDES WORM DRIVE CLAMPS The Rubber Connector comes complete with worm drive clamps, enhancing its secure and stable connection. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your plumbing connections are reinforced for optimal functionality.

⇒ Enhance the flexibility and durability of your salon’s plumbing connections with the T-SPA Rubber Connector. Enjoy the ease of use, longevity, and added security provided by this versatile connector, ensuring a seamlessly functioning plumbing system in your salon.

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