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Zipper Liner

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The T-SPA Zipper Liner is crafted to renew and enhance the massage experience of your T-SPA chair. This liner effectively covers the massage rollers, providing an extra layer of comfort and protection.


1. EFFECTIVE MASSAGE ROLLER COVERAGE The Zipper Liner delivers effective coverage for the massage rollers of your T-SPA chair. Experience renewed comfort and protection, enhancing the overall massage experience for your clients.

2. HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION AND USE Tailored for convenience, the Zipper Liner is designed for easy installation and use. Streamline your salon operations with a hassle-free replacement process, ensuring a seamless experience for both salon professionals and clients.

3. PROVEN HIGH DURABILITY Crafted from durable materials, the Zipper Liner is built to withstand regular use. Invest in a replacement solution that guarantees long-lasting performance, maintaining the integrity of your massage system.

4. BREATHABLE REPLACEMENT DESIGN The Zipper Liner features a breathable design, contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable massage experience. Renew your salon atmosphere while ensuring the well-being of your clients during their sessions.

⇒ Renew and elevate your salon’s massage experience with the T-SPA Replacement Zipper Liner. Offering effective coverage, hassle-free installation, proven durability, and breathability, this replacement liner adds a renewed layer of comfort and protection to your T-SPA chair.

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