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Sliding Actuator

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KEY FEATURES: The T-SPA Sliding Actuator is a cutting-edge power movement device, meticulously crafted to enhance the massage system of your salon chair by providing smooth back-and-forth movements.


1. PRECISE POWER MOVEMENT Immerse your clients in a new level of comfort with the precise power movement of the T-SPA Sliding Actuator. Effortlessly control the back-and-forth movements of your salon chair’s massage system, delivering a tailored and enjoyable experience.

2. ENHANCED MASSAGE SYSTEM FUNCTIONALITY Seamlessly integrate the Sliding Actuator into your salon chair’s massage system to elevate functionality. Allow your clients to experience a gentle gliding motion, enhancing the overall massage experience and promoting relaxation.

3. CUSTOMIZED COMFORT FOR CLIENTS Tailor the salon experience to perfection. The Sliding Actuator enables you to offer clients a unique back-and-forth movement, providing a customizable and indulgent massage session.

⇒ Bring a new dimension of comfort to your salon with the T-SPA Sliding Actuator. Elevate your massage system’s capabilities, offering clients a distinctive back-and-forth movement that transforms their salon visit into a truly luxurious and relaxing escape.

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