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PCP Travel Sensor

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The T-SPA PCP Travel Sensor is a crucial component designed to enhance the precision control of your salon’s massage system. This PC board ensures accurate and reliable functionality, contributing to an optimized massage experience for your clients.


1. PRECISE MASSAGE CONTROL Engineered for precision, the PCP Travel Sensor provides accurate control for your massage system. Experience enhanced performance and ensure your clients receive a tailored and effective massage.

2. RELIABLE FUNCTIONALITY: This PC board is crafted for reliable functionality, offering consistent and dependable operation. Invest in a quality component that ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your massage system.

3. ESSENTIAL REPLACEMENT As an essential replacement component, the PCP Travel Sensor is designed to seamlessly replace existing PC boards in your massage system. Ensure your salon equipment operates at its best by choosing this precision-engineered replacement.

⇒ Elevate the performance of your massage system with the T-SPA PCP Travel Sensor. This essential PC board offers precise control, reliable functionality, and serves as a valuable replacement for optimizing your salon equipment. Choose T-SPA for quality components that prioritize performance and durability.

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