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Gas Lift

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The T-SPA Gas Lift is a cutting-edge mechanism designed to simplify height adjustments for pedicure and manicure technician chairs in your salon. With a smooth lift up/down function, this gas lift ensures ergonomic comfort and ease of use for technicians during various salon services.


1. SMOOTH LIFT UP/DOWN FUNCTION Experience seamless height adjustments with the T-SPA Gas Lift. This cutting-edge mechanism allows pedicure and manicure technicians to effortlessly raise or lower their chairs, ensuring optimal positioning for various services.

2. ERGONOMIC COMFORT Prioritize the well-being of your technicians with the ergonomic design of the Gas Lift. Technicians can easily customize the height of their chairs, promoting comfort and reducing strain during prolonged salon sessions.

3. VERSATILE APPLICATION This mechanism is designed for both pedicure and manicure technician chairs, providing a versatile solution for height adjustments. Ensure that technicians can tailor their seating position to meet the specific requirements of each service.

⇒ Elevate the comfort and efficiency of your salon’s technician chairs with the T-SPA Gas Lift. Ensure effortless height adjustments, ergonomic support, and a versatile solution for pedicure and manicure services, creating an optimal environment for both technicians and clients.

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